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Life In Motion Trekking Poles Review

Trekking poles are somewhat of a modern-day invention, which was inspired by makeshift hiking sticks made out of tree branches. If you have gone on a hiking expedition in the past, you’ve probably noticed how some people walk with tree branches to reduce the pressure on their knees and stay balanced in varying terrain types. The idea of using branded hiking poles is pretty much the same, except that these products offer even more advantages and can significantly aid the journey of the hiker. From being sturdy inbuilt to having adjustable lengths, trekking poles can be a godsend to a person who knows how to use it right.

You may have every possible trekking gear inside of your backpack, but preparing for an arduous journey is incomplete without a trusty pair of hiking poles. So, it’s time that you take a look at one of the finest available models available in the market today – the Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles. This model will give you the edge needed to stay fit throughout the journey and give your legs the care they deserve.

About Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles

Compared to other major brands, Life in Motion might not be such big of a name just yet. But, that doesn’t mean this product is not worth trying out. Sure, it doesn’t have many customer reviews on, but whatever opinion people have posted on the website, most of them are overwhelmingly positive. This can only mean that this item is just starting to pick up the pace in sales and would be popular pretty soon. And why wouldn’t it be? The product is highly portable, made of durable aluminum, and comes with ultra-comfortable EVA grip, and flip locks to complete the package. It’s unlikely you’ll find many other competitive models at the price range in which this is available.

Benefits of the product

Highly portable: When it comes to trekking gear, the first requirement often happens to be their portability. Since you are limited by space and can carry only a certain amount of weight, it’s important that you pick out items that are easy on your back. The Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles is ultraportable as each piece only measures 9.25 ounces, making them one of the lightest models available for purchase. No need to worry about durability, because the brand has taken care to ensure the quality of the product is in no way put to a compromise due to the lightweight.

Super durable: When compared to carbon fiber poles, aluminum varieties are a better alternative as they are less prone to breakage and shattering. This product has been specially made using aluminum 7075, which is a variant that is used in making airplanes. This quality is much more resilient than 6061 aluminum that many other brands use to keep the cost of their products at a low level. When buying an important item like trekking poles, make sure you only go with the best quality as it is essential for you to have an enjoyable journey.

Extra security: losing grip on walking sticks is an everyday occurrence that is not only annoying but can also prove to be dangerous at times. You don’t need to worry about slippage or losing grip on this product because it comes with sturdy flip locks that are easily adjustable and doesn’t require any tools whatsoever. Compared to twist locks, flip locks are much easier to use and are a perfect choice when you’re on the move and time is valuable. Additionally, this pair of hiking sticks made by Life in Motion also comes with replaceable tips so that your journey never comes to a halt. These replaceable tips will extend the life of your poles when all tips eventually wear down.

Comfortable grip: Unlike many other rival products, this pair of hiking poles offers comfortable foam grips instead of cheap plastic or rubber grips. Foam grips are the best when it comes to hiking poles because they absorb sweat much quickly, which can help save your hands from getting blisters. Plus, Cork and rubber grips often turn brittle over time and eventually fall apart from the contraption. When you’re out in the wild, you need to ensure your comfortable at all times to keep on going that extra mile in pursuit of Nirvana.

Customer reviews and opinion

As we mentioned earlier, this product is still relatively unknown. With just over 90 customer reviews on, this item managed to get a reading of a whopping 4.7/5 stars! What do you think that tells you about the effectiveness of this product? Well, there is nothing much to guess because user opinion explains this item performs as advertised. One user has expressed how they were nervous in buying this pair of hiking sticks due to a low amount of reviews but decided to go ahead and purchase anyway. They didn’t regret the purchase on the weekend backpacking trip.

One user has mentioned how the grip quality could have been better, for which he only rated 4 stars. Just go through this product’s Amazon page and see all the user’s reviews for yourself because “seeing is believing .“ But one thing is for certain; this item has proved its worthiness to more than just a couple of dozen people.


Except the fact that the grip may not be the best out there in the market, this product scores a perfect rating in almost every aspect. But, it’s worth mentioning that you can wear a pair of gloves with this hiking stick to get rid of the grip issue if you experience such. It all comes down to its user-friendly lock system and extra durability that earns the Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles superb rating from over 90 people on

If you’re buying trekking poles for the first time, we suggest this product because it doesn’t cost much and gets the job done much more efficiently than you’d expect. You can finally put your about the worries of your knees behind with this trekking poles and enjoy a good hike up the mountains or a romantic walk through the beautiful jungles.


Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review

Are you also crazy about traveling and trekking like me? Are you always excited with a bag pack on your extended weekends and vacations for exploring the unexplored and unearthed places? If the answer to these questions is in affirmative, then you definitely need to have the mountaineering sticks in your backyard along with your bag pack to make your trekking experience more enriching and empowering. There are innumerable advantages of carrying these sticks and poles during the treks as they will help you to keep a steady speed while climbing and down through the unstable terrain and they reduce the direct pressure on your knees and joints.


It even improves heart and lung respiratory effect by minimizing the level of exhaustion experienced by the users. They are convenient in nature and strengthen the movements by keeping the joints functional and comfy. During passing by steep terrain or a sloppy path, you will need trekking poles or sticks to improve the stability in the movement.


About Montem ultra sturdy trekking poles


The Montem ultra trekking poles are light in weight, and they are designed for all types of trails thus making it very versatile. It is a three-piece trekking pole set which is designed of the aluminum shaft with the narrow diameter. This adds up to the reduced weight of the product without any sacrifice on the core strength of the pole. It is made up of tungsten tips and EVA foam handles that are stronger as compared to the cork.


The former eradicates the worry about the durability of the product. The aluminum material makes it stronger as it is the strongest alloy in the segment of alloys. The surface of the alloy is created with an advanced oxidation is very hard and thus protects the metal from weathering and corrosion. The brand makes sure that you have the best trekking experience for your backpack with its innovatively designed trekking poles.


Features and specifications


• This fantastic set of trekking pole has a firm grip and can be expanded with ease and comfort.

• The poles can be retracted to 24” thus making the storage in the backpack easy when it’s not needed to be used.

• Montem trekking poles comprise of of 7075 aluminum that is used to make airplanes.

• The trekking poles come with a nylon strap that can be easily fitted in the hand of the user thus making it more comfortable.





Comfortable grip


These sets of trekking poles have hassle free grip for they are made up of material which is of the superlative quality. The size of Montem trekking poles can be expanded with ease and retracted during the journey. It has adjustable bolts that allow the users of all heights to use it and adjust it from 24 inches to 53 inches depending on the trekker.


Light in weight


It is always recommended that one should carry light things during trekking trips or otherwise. We should bring the equipment and things that are strong in nature and at the same time light in weight so that they can be stored easily in the backpacks. Montem hiking poles are trusted to be the best trekking pole for any trek that you want to undertake. They can be retracted to 24” with a lightweight of just 9.6 ounces per pole. They are sturdy and durable.


Designed in style


Montem trekking poles are designed with aluminum that is durable material and alloy as compared to trekking poles made up of some other material. They are very sturdy in nature and at the same time lightweight. The material used to build these trekking poles is of high quality that will make sure that they won’t break even on the most uneven terrain or during longer trails. They come with a warranty of one year under which the poles will be replaced without any extra charges if any problem were to occur in them.


Nylon straps


The comfort level of customer and user is taken care off substantially while designing these trekking poles. They have a nylon strap on the top of it which helps the trekker to maintain a firm grip without letting the poles get out of the hands of Trekker during the journey. It ensures the safety of the trekker on no matter what kind of trekk he goes.


Customer reviews


Montem trekking poles are durable, lightweight and adjustable. A lot of people have purchased this product from famous e-commerce website Amazon. There are around 109 reviews by customers by giving it an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.


Customers have appreciated the product for its adjustability as it can be used with ease by people of all heights after adjusting it. They have also claimed that with the use of these trekking poles during their journey they have been able to walk farther than before without too much of stress on their knees, joints and ligaments. From regular trekkers to occasional adventurers, it has benefited the people of all age groups, height, and size. These reviews show that the product is worth it, and one must buy it for their best trekking experience.





Within just a few months of its launch, Montem trekking poles have built their own market and an expanded customer support as these trekking poles are suitable for both beginners and professional trekkers. With benefits like lightweight and durability, these trekking poles will work correctly through all rough and uneven terrains without any complaints or problems. These poles will provide the uncompromised balance during the trek, and the positive feedbacks by the customers also prove that they are worth buying. In totality, Montem trekking poles are great value for money as these can be used by everyone irrespective of their age.


They can be used through all terrains without compromising on the ease and comfort of the trekking poles. It is available in affordable rates so you can buy it without giving much of thought. Keeping in mind all the dynamic aspects of this product, I would like to recommend it to all those who are looking for a pair of trekking poles.






Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Exercise keeps us healthy and fit and walking perhaps the most recommended mode of exercise for all individuals irrespective of their age as it has a lot of merits. However, walking over a terrain that has repetitive uphill and downhill inclines can cause excessive fatigue. This can be there in activities like mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and various similar adventures.


I have asked a few regular backpackers and individual hikers about usage of trekking poles. They have always appreciated the utility of these products as it enhances the stability and cardiovascular benefits that poles provide outweigh the occasional inconvenience that these poles cause.


Majority of people have recommended trekking poles as they are very helpful. Along with stability and fitness, poles have other benefits too which are worth considering. For example, some trekking poles can be substituted as pitch shelters as they are very strong. If you will hit every trail with trekking poles in your hand then you will realize how much difference they make.


About Hiker Hunger [Carbon Fiber] Trekking Poles


These are perfect for the purpose of hiking, walking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, climbing and other other adventure travels. They are designed in such a way that these are the strongest and lightest poles available in the market with 100% carbon fiber. You can adjust the 3-section of the poles by simply flicking the lock open, setting the length and closing the lock. It is a quick, light and easy task which can be done even when gloves are on.


The carbon creates the lightweight of the poles that helps to minimise vibration and keep temperature range of your hands to an optimum level. They are fitted with durable tungsten carbide tips in these poles along with protectors at the side of the tips. There is an option to interchange tips between tungsten carbide, rubber tips and rubber feet in accordance with the kind of trail that you are undertaking. The length of the pole can be extended from 24 to 54 inches in length.


Features and specifications


• These product is made up of 100% carbon fiber that gives a lightweight to the sticks.

• The carbon material used makes it long lasting and durable.

• It has easy flip lock facility through which you can adjust the poles quickly as and when required.

• There is extremely comfortable grip given along with extended EVA foam grip in order to avoid choke up on slippery terrain.




Material used

[Hiker Hunger trekking poles are made up of very strong material i.e. 100% carbon. They are designed with pure carbon and not with a mixture of carbon and ]aluminum, and this strengthens this set all the way more. The carbon material is lighter, stiffer and generally stronger whereas aluminum is slightly on the heavier side that can affect your stability.


Light in weight


The weight of each pole by Hiker Hunger is only 7.6 ounces that make the pair weigh only 25.2 ounces. The entire weight of the pair is less than 1 pound. Due to lightweight, it will be easy to carry these poles during long trails.




The most important part of any trekking pole is its adjustability. These poles are adjustable as they come with easy flip lock facility. You can easily expand the poles from 24 inches to 54 inches without any hassle. When you’re not using, you can easily fold these up and carry them in your backpack. You’ll receive an extra bag as well to carry these poles along with the purchase of them.


Comfortable grip


The question of comfort is of primary significance. Only a pleasant trek will give you the best experience. These hiking poles are designed with ergonomic grip of cork that is moisture-sucking, and it easily conforms to the hand’s shape without any fuss. This will give you the feeling similar to wearing gloves. There is an extended nonslip foam grip from EVA that can be used for quick choke-ups onuphill or downhill regions.


Additional accessories


You get a bunch of additional accessories along with these trekking poles that are not common with other trekking poles. You will get two rubber tips, two rubber feet, two mud baskets, two snow baskets and a bag with strap in case you want to store the trekking poles separately.


Customer review


The first-hand user of these trekking poles has left their useful reviews and experience with trekking poles on Amazon. This can be seen and used by all other interested customers. Around 176 customer reviews can be seen on the website that has fetched this product an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. The average rating shows how the product is liked by customers and has turned to be helpful for them.

One of the customers said that he was scared to buy these as they didn’t come from a very high brand but he felt the benefits of poles by having a very less impact on his knees while going downhill.


Hiker Hunger as a new brand in the highly competitive market has actually made a space for itself in this niche. These are designed for moderate trekking, but the feedback shows that there have been some people who pushed them through the rough surface and came out satisfied. The problem of carbon tip falling is there but very rarely and this is uncommon and covered in the 12-month warranty.



The [Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber] Trekking Poles are a great set of amazing trekking poles that can enhance anybody’s experience during a trek. They are a great deal for the value they provide. From committed outdoor enthusiasts to the local strollers, these poles offer a great deal as well as provide a very sturdy base on which one can easily rely on. From adjustability with easy flip locks to additional accessories to comfortable grips, the product has taken care of all the needs of any trekker. Easy to carry and ultralight, this set of trekking poles are ideal for use for people of all age, size, and height. So, go ahead and order a pair for yourself and see how comfortable the hiking experiences become from next time onward.








High Trek Trekking Poles Review

If somebody asked what I am passionate about, I’d say that nothing makes me more excited than the thought of going away on a trek. I am an adventurous person though now I am 60 and at times my knees start paining during longer treks. With age and the difficult trails, I have become a big fan of trekking poles for hiking and my treks as they help to reduce the strain on my knees directly when I walk downhill. They often help me to improve my balance when I am hiking over a rough surface or while crossing streams. They are useful for creating a great walking rhythm when synchronized with the arms.


I have had numerable experience with trekking poles, and I have always believed that their usage is a bit of complicated phenomenon. The needs of trekking poles also vary from person to person thus one should have a look at specifications and features of the trekking poles before buying them.


About High Trek trekking poles


This set of trekking poles by High Trek poles are the kind on which you can easily rely on. Each pole can be adjusted in length with the help of twist lock mechanism that is built in order to adjust during the trek quickly. These poles come with mud and snow feet that can quickly get attached to the bottom of the poles to prevent the poles from sinking into softer material. The trekking poles are collapsible and weigh only 11 ounces. They can be retracted to 26” anytime that you want to store them when they are not in use.


This feature in the design allows the user to store the trekking poles in their backpack when not in use. These trekking poles by High Trek are suitable for both men and women of all sizes and heights, and they can be used for gifting purpose as well to friends who are fond of trekking.


Features and specifications


• These trekking poles are durable and light in weight.

• The height of these trekking poles is adjustable and come with easy lever lock.

• The trekking poles have comfortable grips and have EVA handles with adjustable wrist straps.

• It has tungsten tipped ends with removable rubber ferrules and mud/snow baskets.




Strong and lightweight

The trekking poles are made up of strong material of aerospace grade. They are much more durable and user-friendly since they are made up of 7075 aluminum. This grade aluminum has qualities which conventional steel alloys do not have. They are light in weight and easy to carry. The weight of each trekking pole is 8.5 ounces. Due to it’s lightweight and sturdy base material it softens the impact on the joints and knees of the trekkers, thus making the journey easy to complete.




High Trek trekking poles come with easy twist lock facility with the height adjustment section in it. They can be adjusted from 25 inches to 53 inches. Due to its perfect adjustment system, these trekking poles are ideal for people of all heights be it short or tall.


Comfortable grip


These trekking poles are made up of very comfortable grip. They have EVA handles which are ergonomically designed and that provides a high level of comfort to the users. You can easily adjust the wrist straps so that trekking poles don’t slip out of your hands when your hands will be sweaty.


All terrain


The end of these trekking poles is tungsten tipped due to which they will work fine in all terrains. The rubber ferrules and the mud or snow baskets that are attached at the end of the sticks are removable and can be changed quickly.


A pair of poles


It ultimately depends on the individual choice of trekker if they want to carry one trekking pole or two. High Trek is giving you a pair of trekking poles leaving it to your choice as to when you want to use one trekking pole and when one. This makes this set of trekking poles a must have equipment for all trekkers.


Customer reviews


High Trek trekking poles are the ideal adventure equipment to own. In the given price range they are the best ones available in the market. There have been a lot of customers who have purchased this product and have left their reviews. On the basis of around 224 reviews, the average rating of the product is 4.6 stars out of five thus making it popular amongst the trekkers.


There have been a lot of satisfied users of this product who have used this through long terrain and are completely pleased with its performance. A trusted customer shared his journey of a 30 miles trek in the trek and came across no other problem but just one tip fell off a little often. Otherwise he was content with his purchase of High Trek trekking poles. Another review said that the set worked perfectly on rocky terrain. All these reviews show that the product is amazing for longer mountain trails as well for trekkers, hikers, mountaineers and backpackers.


High Trek trekking poles are affordable regarding price and have all essential features that any set of trekking poles must have.




High Trek trekking poles are very light in weight and are sturdy. They have collapsible telescoping design and can be adjusted from 25.5 inches to 53 inches. It is easy to store when not in use and can be utilized by people of all height and ages. These are great beginner poles. These poles perform their best in moderate conditions as they aren’t designed for extreme challenges and adventures. On rare occasions, when the poles have been known to have any problem is when they were used under extremely rough terrains.


Considering the features, specifications, benefits, customer reviews and price range of these trekking poles, they look like a very economical choice. The details and design of these trekking poles make them stand apart from rest of the similar items available in the market. If you are fond of trekking, then you must own this pair of trekking poles by High Trek now.







Crown Sporting Goods Shock-Resistant Trekking Poles Review

These trekking poles are incredibly amazing for people who like outdoor adventures and trekking like me. They are helpful in reducing the strain on my legs. All those who undertake treks often might know how difficult it is to go uphill without any support. Trekking poles help me to improve my balance on rough terrains, keep me steady on rough paths and give me a hand when I am crossing small lakes or streams. They not only assist in balancing the body weight but also in maintaining a good rhythm in walking.


Trekkers or hikers do not have to take frequent breaks as they help in maintaining natural breathing and walking pattern. When synchronized with the arms of the trekkers, these can be of great help. Although they have a lot of benefits, one needs to know the right way to use them to one’s advantage, to keep them on solid grounds in order to prevent any kinds of accidents.


About Crown Sporting Goods trekking pole


As trekking is becoming more and more of an adventure sport these days, so are the hiking poles. They have in fact become an inescapable tool for the casual walkers, serious trekkers. It is a benefit that these hiking poles by Crown Sporting Goods are fully adjustable. There is a simple and easy to work with twist lock that one can use to shorten or lengthen the pole. This way, it becomes very to convenient to use whether you are climbing uphill and need a short pole or while you are coming back downhill and are comfortable to take long strides and want to use a longer pole. The thing that makes walking with these poles so easy is that they come with a shock absorbing internal spring. This feature makes it easy walking even with an injured knee, ankle or hip.


The weight of an individual pole is .75lbs, and it is 53” long when fully extended. However, it is designed in such a manner that can be retracted to 23” so that it can be easily fit in your backpack of any size or shape. Each pole has an ergonomic plastic grip as well as a secondary soft foam grip along with a sturdy and adjustable wrist strap to make your experience all the way more convenient. For rough spaces and craggy lands, the carbonite tip of the pole can be used. Not only this but also the vulcanized rubber foot is ideal for hard surface and asphalt. If you are using the pole while it is snowing, an optional additional snow tip can be screwed on the tip of the stick to prevent it from sinking too deeply into soft surfaces.


Features and specifications


• The trekking poles are not heavy along with that they are durable aluminum poles that are extendable.

• The poles can be adjusted to ease with twist locks.

• The poles have a carbonite tip, vulcanized rubber foot or screw on snow tip that you can change depending on the terrain you use them.

• It has internal anti-shock spring that reduces stress from your body and direct pressure from your knees.





Lightweight and Durable


These trekking poles are made up of aluminum due to which it is easy to carry them and they become lightweight. Not only this are durable and long lasting too. They will not break during heavy winds and storms and can be used in place of tent poles. This will save you from carrying the weight of two types of poles. These trekking poles will keep you energetic without making you feel short of breath. They are easy to take and helpful when you’re making long journeys. A pair of these fantastic poles weighs nothing more than 1.5 lbs.



Secure Lock adjustability


The trekking poles have a handy twist-lock facility with the help of which they can be easily shortened or retracted. They have the height measurement and setting system too. You don’t even have to worry about storing them because when you are not using them, the 53” poles can be retracted to 23” with a telescoping twist lock system. You can carry them in your backpack or even in your hands and thus, they can be stored easily when you’re not using them.



Interchangeable Tips


The trekking poles come with three options for different kind of terrains and for the ease of the user. The carbonite tip can be used through a rocky area, rough and uneven terrain, the vulcanized rubber foot for hard and flat surfaces where you need to hold something stable but easy and the snow tip can be used to prevent the pole from sinking into the soft ground while you’re walking on snow.


Internal anti-shock spring


The hiking poles by Crown Sports Goods have internal anti-shock spring that is there in the bottom section of the pole. This helps in lessening the stress up to 25% from your lower body and also your joints and muscles. The poles have a secondary soft grip with an adjustable strap that is extremely beneficial.


Customer reviews


This pair of trekking poles is reviewed by 84 customers from whom they have received an average of 3.5 stars out of 5. A customer of old age has said a lot of good things about the product as these trekking poles helped him to walk with comfort during his hiking and trekking trip. Many such customers have shared their first-hand experience with this set of trekking poles and have recommended it to others.





It will not be an exaggeration to say that these trekking poles by Crown Sporting Goods are amazing for people who go on frequent treks and who know how to use the trekking poles well. This set has all the qualities that one looks for in the ideal pair of trekking poles. From weight to adjustability, one will not have to compromise on any front with this product. All its features along with the positive feedbacks from the customers who have used put it on a different pedestal altogether. All those who like trekking and want to make their next trekking experience exceptional must buy this set of trekking poles.