High Trek Trekking Poles Review

If somebody asked what I am passionate about, I’d say that nothing makes me more excited than the thought of going away on a trek. I am an adventurous person though now I am 60 and at times my knees start paining during longer treks. With age and the difficult trails, I have become a big fan of trekking poles for hiking and my treks as they help to reduce the strain on my knees directly when I walk downhill. They often help me to improve my balance when I am hiking over a rough surface or while crossing streams. They are useful for creating a great walking rhythm when synchronized with the arms.


I have had numerable experience with trekking poles, and I have always believed that their usage is a bit of complicated phenomenon. The needs of trekking poles also vary from person to person thus one should have a look at specifications and features of the trekking poles before buying them.


About High Trek trekking poles


This set of trekking poles by High Trek poles are the kind on which you can easily rely on. Each pole can be adjusted in length with the help of twist lock mechanism that is built in order to adjust during the trek quickly. These poles come with mud and snow feet that can quickly get attached to the bottom of the poles to prevent the poles from sinking into softer material. The trekking poles are collapsible and weigh only 11 ounces. They can be retracted to 26” anytime that you want to store them when they are not in use.


This feature in the design allows the user to store the trekking poles in their backpack when not in use. These trekking poles by High Trek are suitable for both men and women of all sizes and heights, and they can be used for gifting purpose as well to friends who are fond of trekking.


Features and specifications


• These trekking poles are durable and light in weight.

• The height of these trekking poles is adjustable and come with easy lever lock.

• The trekking poles have comfortable grips and have EVA handles with adjustable wrist straps.

• It has tungsten tipped ends with removable rubber ferrules and mud/snow baskets.




Strong and lightweight

The trekking poles are made up of strong material of aerospace grade. They are much more durable and user-friendly since they are made up of 7075 aluminum. This grade aluminum has qualities which conventional steel alloys do not have. They are light in weight and easy to carry. The weight of each trekking pole is 8.5 ounces. Due to it’s lightweight and sturdy base material it softens the impact on the joints and knees of the trekkers, thus making the journey easy to complete.




High Trek trekking poles come with easy twist lock facility with the height adjustment section in it. They can be adjusted from 25 inches to 53 inches. Due to its perfect adjustment system, these trekking poles are ideal for people of all heights be it short or tall.


Comfortable grip


These trekking poles are made up of very comfortable grip. They have EVA handles which are ergonomically designed and that provides a high level of comfort to the users. You can easily adjust the wrist straps so that trekking poles don’t slip out of your hands when your hands will be sweaty.


All terrain


The end of these trekking poles is tungsten tipped due to which they will work fine in all terrains. The rubber ferrules and the mud or snow baskets that are attached at the end of the sticks are removable and can be changed quickly.


A pair of poles


It ultimately depends on the individual choice of trekker if they want to carry one trekking pole or two. High Trek is giving you a pair of trekking poles leaving it to your choice as to when you want to use one trekking pole and when one. This makes this set of trekking poles a must have equipment for all trekkers.


Customer reviews


High Trek trekking poles are the ideal adventure equipment to own. In the given price range they are the best ones available in the market. There have been a lot of customers who have purchased this product and have left their reviews. On the basis of around 224 reviews, the average rating of the product is 4.6 stars out of five thus making it popular amongst the trekkers.


There have been a lot of satisfied users of this product who have used this through long terrain and are completely pleased with its performance. A trusted customer shared his journey of a 30 miles trek in the trek and came across no other problem but just one tip fell off a little often. Otherwise he was content with his purchase of High Trek trekking poles. Another review said that the set worked perfectly on rocky terrain. All these reviews show that the product is amazing for longer mountain trails as well for trekkers, hikers, mountaineers and backpackers.


High Trek trekking poles are affordable regarding price and have all essential features that any set of trekking poles must have.




High Trek trekking poles are very light in weight and are sturdy. They have collapsible telescoping design and can be adjusted from 25.5 inches to 53 inches. It is easy to store when not in use and can be utilized by people of all height and ages. These are great beginner poles. These poles perform their best in moderate conditions as they aren’t designed for extreme challenges and adventures. On rare occasions, when the poles have been known to have any problem is when they were used under extremely rough terrains.


Considering the features, specifications, benefits, customer reviews and price range of these trekking poles, they look like a very economical choice. The details and design of these trekking poles make them stand apart from rest of the similar items available in the market. If you are fond of trekking, then you must own this pair of trekking poles by High Trek now.






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