Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles Review

Exercise keeps us healthy and fit and walking perhaps the most recommended mode of exercise for all individuals irrespective of their age as it has a lot of merits. However, walking over a terrain that has repetitive uphill and downhill inclines can cause excessive fatigue. This can be there in activities like mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and various similar adventures.


I have asked a few regular backpackers and individual hikers about usage of trekking poles. They have always appreciated the utility of these products as it enhances the stability and cardiovascular benefits that poles provide outweigh the occasional inconvenience that these poles cause.


Majority of people have recommended trekking poles as they are very helpful. Along with stability and fitness, poles have other benefits too which are worth considering. For example, some trekking poles can be substituted as pitch shelters as they are very strong. If you will hit every trail with trekking poles in your hand then you will realize how much difference they make.


About Hiker Hunger [Carbon Fiber] Trekking Poles


These are perfect for the purpose of hiking, walking, mountaineering, snowshoeing, climbing and other other adventure travels. They are designed in such a way that these are the strongest and lightest poles available in the market with 100% carbon fiber. You can adjust the 3-section of the poles by simply flicking the lock open, setting the length and closing the lock. It is a quick, light and easy task which can be done even when gloves are on.


The carbon creates the lightweight of the poles that helps to minimise vibration and keep temperature range of your hands to an optimum level. They are fitted with durable tungsten carbide tips in these poles along with protectors at the side of the tips. There is an option to interchange tips between tungsten carbide, rubber tips and rubber feet in accordance with the kind of trail that you are undertaking. The length of the pole can be extended from 24 to 54 inches in length.


Features and specifications


• These product is made up of 100% carbon fiber that gives a lightweight to the sticks.

• The carbon material used makes it long lasting and durable.

• It has easy flip lock facility through which you can adjust the poles quickly as and when required.

• There is extremely comfortable grip given along with extended EVA foam grip in order to avoid choke up on slippery terrain.




Material used

[Hiker Hunger trekking poles are made up of very strong material i.e. 100% carbon. They are designed with pure carbon and not with a mixture of carbon and ]aluminum, and this strengthens this set all the way more. The carbon material is lighter, stiffer and generally stronger whereas aluminum is slightly on the heavier side that can affect your stability.


Light in weight


The weight of each pole by Hiker Hunger is only 7.6 ounces that make the pair weigh only 25.2 ounces. The entire weight of the pair is less than 1 pound. Due to lightweight, it will be easy to carry these poles during long trails.




The most important part of any trekking pole is its adjustability. These poles are adjustable as they come with easy flip lock facility. You can easily expand the poles from 24 inches to 54 inches without any hassle. When you’re not using, you can easily fold these up and carry them in your backpack. You’ll receive an extra bag as well to carry these poles along with the purchase of them.


Comfortable grip


The question of comfort is of primary significance. Only a pleasant trek will give you the best experience. These hiking poles are designed with ergonomic grip of cork that is moisture-sucking, and it easily conforms to the hand’s shape without any fuss. This will give you the feeling similar to wearing gloves. There is an extended nonslip foam grip from EVA that can be used for quick choke-ups onuphill or downhill regions.


Additional accessories


You get a bunch of additional accessories along with these trekking poles that are not common with other trekking poles. You will get two rubber tips, two rubber feet, two mud baskets, two snow baskets and a bag with strap in case you want to store the trekking poles separately.


Customer review


The first-hand user of these trekking poles has left their useful reviews and experience with trekking poles on Amazon. This can be seen and used by all other interested customers. Around 176 customer reviews can be seen on the website that has fetched this product an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. The average rating shows how the product is liked by customers and has turned to be helpful for them.

One of the customers said that he was scared to buy these as they didn’t come from a very high brand but he felt the benefits of poles by having a very less impact on his knees while going downhill.


Hiker Hunger as a new brand in the highly competitive market has actually made a space for itself in this niche. These are designed for moderate trekking, but the feedback shows that there have been some people who pushed them through the rough surface and came out satisfied. The problem of carbon tip falling is there but very rarely and this is uncommon and covered in the 12-month warranty.



The [Hiker Hunger Carbon Fiber] Trekking Poles are a great set of amazing trekking poles that can enhance anybody’s experience during a trek. They are a great deal for the value they provide. From committed outdoor enthusiasts to the local strollers, these poles offer a great deal as well as provide a very sturdy base on which one can easily rely on. From adjustability with easy flip locks to additional accessories to comfortable grips, the product has taken care of all the needs of any trekker. Easy to carry and ultralight, this set of trekking poles are ideal for use for people of all age, size, and height. So, go ahead and order a pair for yourself and see how comfortable the hiking experiences become from next time onward.







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