Life In Motion Trekking Poles Review

Trekking poles are somewhat of a modern-day invention, which was inspired by makeshift hiking sticks made out of tree branches. If you have gone on a hiking expedition in the past, you’ve probably noticed how some people walk with tree branches to reduce the pressure on their knees and stay balanced in varying terrain types. The idea of using branded hiking poles is pretty much the same, except that these products offer even more advantages and can significantly aid the journey of the hiker. From being sturdy inbuilt to having adjustable lengths, trekking poles can be a godsend to a person who knows how to use it right.

You may have every possible trekking gear inside of your backpack, but preparing for an arduous journey is incomplete without a trusty pair of hiking poles. So, it’s time that you take a look at one of the finest available models available in the market today – the Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles. This model will give you the edge needed to stay fit throughout the journey and give your legs the care they deserve.

About Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles

Compared to other major brands, Life in Motion might not be such big of a name just yet. But, that doesn’t mean this product is not worth trying out. Sure, it doesn’t have many customer reviews on, but whatever opinion people have posted on the website, most of them are overwhelmingly positive. This can only mean that this item is just starting to pick up the pace in sales and would be popular pretty soon. And why wouldn’t it be? The product is highly portable, made of durable aluminum, and comes with ultra-comfortable EVA grip, and flip locks to complete the package. It’s unlikely you’ll find many other competitive models at the price range in which this is available.

Benefits of the product

Highly portable: When it comes to trekking gear, the first requirement often happens to be their portability. Since you are limited by space and can carry only a certain amount of weight, it’s important that you pick out items that are easy on your back. The Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles is ultraportable as each piece only measures 9.25 ounces, making them one of the lightest models available for purchase. No need to worry about durability, because the brand has taken care to ensure the quality of the product is in no way put to a compromise due to the lightweight.

Super durable: When compared to carbon fiber poles, aluminum varieties are a better alternative as they are less prone to breakage and shattering. This product has been specially made using aluminum 7075, which is a variant that is used in making airplanes. This quality is much more resilient than 6061 aluminum that many other brands use to keep the cost of their products at a low level. When buying an important item like trekking poles, make sure you only go with the best quality as it is essential for you to have an enjoyable journey.

Extra security: losing grip on walking sticks is an everyday occurrence that is not only annoying but can also prove to be dangerous at times. You don’t need to worry about slippage or losing grip on this product because it comes with sturdy flip locks that are easily adjustable and doesn’t require any tools whatsoever. Compared to twist locks, flip locks are much easier to use and are a perfect choice when you’re on the move and time is valuable. Additionally, this pair of hiking sticks made by Life in Motion also comes with replaceable tips so that your journey never comes to a halt. These replaceable tips will extend the life of your poles when all tips eventually wear down.

Comfortable grip: Unlike many other rival products, this pair of hiking poles offers comfortable foam grips instead of cheap plastic or rubber grips. Foam grips are the best when it comes to hiking poles because they absorb sweat much quickly, which can help save your hands from getting blisters. Plus, Cork and rubber grips often turn brittle over time and eventually fall apart from the contraption. When you’re out in the wild, you need to ensure your comfortable at all times to keep on going that extra mile in pursuit of Nirvana.

Customer reviews and opinion

As we mentioned earlier, this product is still relatively unknown. With just over 90 customer reviews on, this item managed to get a reading of a whopping 4.7/5 stars! What do you think that tells you about the effectiveness of this product? Well, there is nothing much to guess because user opinion explains this item performs as advertised. One user has expressed how they were nervous in buying this pair of hiking sticks due to a low amount of reviews but decided to go ahead and purchase anyway. They didn’t regret the purchase on the weekend backpacking trip.

One user has mentioned how the grip quality could have been better, for which he only rated 4 stars. Just go through this product’s Amazon page and see all the user’s reviews for yourself because “seeing is believing .“ But one thing is for certain; this item has proved its worthiness to more than just a couple of dozen people.


Except the fact that the grip may not be the best out there in the market, this product scores a perfect rating in almost every aspect. But, it’s worth mentioning that you can wear a pair of gloves with this hiking stick to get rid of the grip issue if you experience such. It all comes down to its user-friendly lock system and extra durability that earns the Pair of Life in Motion Trekking/Hiking Poles superb rating from over 90 people on

If you’re buying trekking poles for the first time, we suggest this product because it doesn’t cost much and gets the job done much more efficiently than you’d expect. You can finally put your about the worries of your knees behind with this trekking poles and enjoy a good hike up the mountains or a romantic walk through the beautiful jungles.

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