Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles Review

Are you also crazy about traveling and trekking like me? Are you always excited with a bag pack on your extended weekends and vacations for exploring the unexplored and unearthed places? If the answer to these questions is in affirmative, then you definitely need to have the mountaineering sticks in your backyard along with your bag pack to make your trekking experience more enriching and empowering. There are innumerable advantages of carrying these sticks and poles during the treks as they will help you to keep a steady speed while climbing and down through the unstable terrain and they reduce the direct pressure on your knees and joints.


It even improves heart and lung respiratory effect by minimizing the level of exhaustion experienced by the users. They are convenient in nature and strengthen the movements by keeping the joints functional and comfy. During passing by steep terrain or a sloppy path, you will need trekking poles or sticks to improve the stability in the movement.


About Montem ultra sturdy trekking poles


The Montem ultra trekking poles are light in weight, and they are designed for all types of trails thus making it very versatile. It is a three-piece trekking pole set which is designed of the aluminum shaft with the narrow diameter. This adds up to the reduced weight of the product without any sacrifice on the core strength of the pole. It is made up of tungsten tips and EVA foam handles that are stronger as compared to the cork.


The former eradicates the worry about the durability of the product. The aluminum material makes it stronger as it is the strongest alloy in the segment of alloys. The surface of the alloy is created with an advanced oxidation is very hard and thus protects the metal from weathering and corrosion. The brand makes sure that you have the best trekking experience for your backpack with its innovatively designed trekking poles.


Features and specifications


• This fantastic set of trekking pole has a firm grip and can be expanded with ease and comfort.

• The poles can be retracted to 24” thus making the storage in the backpack easy when it’s not needed to be used.

• Montem trekking poles comprise of of 7075 aluminum that is used to make airplanes.

• The trekking poles come with a nylon strap that can be easily fitted in the hand of the user thus making it more comfortable.





Comfortable grip


These sets of trekking poles have hassle free grip for they are made up of material which is of the superlative quality. The size of Montem trekking poles can be expanded with ease and retracted during the journey. It has adjustable bolts that allow the users of all heights to use it and adjust it from 24 inches to 53 inches depending on the trekker.


Light in weight


It is always recommended that one should carry light things during trekking trips or otherwise. We should bring the equipment and things that are strong in nature and at the same time light in weight so that they can be stored easily in the backpacks. Montem hiking poles are trusted to be the best trekking pole for any trek that you want to undertake. They can be retracted to 24” with a lightweight of just 9.6 ounces per pole. They are sturdy and durable.


Designed in style


Montem trekking poles are designed with aluminum that is durable material and alloy as compared to trekking poles made up of some other material. They are very sturdy in nature and at the same time lightweight. The material used to build these trekking poles is of high quality that will make sure that they won’t break even on the most uneven terrain or during longer trails. They come with a warranty of one year under which the poles will be replaced without any extra charges if any problem were to occur in them.


Nylon straps


The comfort level of customer and user is taken care off substantially while designing these trekking poles. They have a nylon strap on the top of it which helps the trekker to maintain a firm grip without letting the poles get out of the hands of Trekker during the journey. It ensures the safety of the trekker on no matter what kind of trekk he goes.


Customer reviews


Montem trekking poles are durable, lightweight and adjustable. A lot of people have purchased this product from famous e-commerce website Amazon. There are around 109 reviews by customers by giving it an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars.


Customers have appreciated the product for its adjustability as it can be used with ease by people of all heights after adjusting it. They have also claimed that with the use of these trekking poles during their journey they have been able to walk farther than before without too much of stress on their knees, joints and ligaments. From regular trekkers to occasional adventurers, it has benefited the people of all age groups, height, and size. These reviews show that the product is worth it, and one must buy it for their best trekking experience.





Within just a few months of its launch, Montem trekking poles have built their own market and an expanded customer support as these trekking poles are suitable for both beginners and professional trekkers. With benefits like lightweight and durability, these trekking poles will work correctly through all rough and uneven terrains without any complaints or problems. These poles will provide the uncompromised balance during the trek, and the positive feedbacks by the customers also prove that they are worth buying. In totality, Montem trekking poles are great value for money as these can be used by everyone irrespective of their age.


They can be used through all terrains without compromising on the ease and comfort of the trekking poles. It is available in affordable rates so you can buy it without giving much of thought. Keeping in mind all the dynamic aspects of this product, I would like to recommend it to all those who are looking for a pair of trekking poles.





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